Tongits Go is an exciting card game that has quickly gained popularity in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Tongits Go, including rules, tips, and how to play at the leading pvp game online gambling platform, 90jili.

Tongits Go Game Description

Tongits Go is a fast-paced, strategic card game typically played between 3-4 players. The game uses a standard 52-card deck, with the objective being the first player to play all their cards in valid melds and “tongits” (go out).

Tongits Go
Tongits Go


  • Type: Shedding card game
  • Players: Best with 3-4
  • Cards: Standard 52-card deck
  • Objective: Be the first player to play all cards in valid melds

Basic Rules

  • Each player receives 13 cards
  • Remaining cards form draw and discard piles
  • Take turns drawing, discarding, and melding cards
  • Create melds (runs, sets, or flushes)
  • “Tongits” by playing last cards in a meld

How to Play Tongits Go at 90jili

How to play Tongits Go
How to play Tongits Go

90jili offers an exciting Tongits Go pvp game online experience against real opponents. Follow these steps to get started:

Signing Up

  1. Create a 90jili account
  2. Confirm email and identity
  3. Deposit funds using preferred payment method

Finding Tongits Go Tables

  1. Navigate to Card Games section
  2. Select Tongits Go
  3. Join open table or create private table


  1. Draw Phase: Take card from draw pile or discard pile
  2. Play Phase:
    • Discard card
    • Form melds
    • “Tongits” by playing last hand
  3. Scoring: First to play all cards wins the round

Key Strategies

  • Form melds early
  • Calculate risks when drawing
  • Observe opponents’ plays
  • Choose right moment to “tongits”

Tips for Playing Tongits Go

Use these tips to enhance your Tongits Go skills:

Melding Fundamentals

  • Prioritize melding early to expand options
  • Runs: Three or more cards in sequence
  • Sets: Three or more cards of the same rank
  • Flushes: Three or more cards of the same suit

Strategic Planning

  • Take calculated risks when drawing unknown cards
  • Analyze opponents’ discards for insight into their hands
  • Don’t overextend if you have a strong hand

Improving Your Game

  • Get familiar with card probabilities to better predict possible draws
  • Practice regularly against different skill levels
  • Review your gameplay to identify strengths and weaknesses


Tongits Go combines exciting gameplay elements of strategy, calculated risks, opponent observation, and practice. By signing up at the leading pvp game online gambling site 90jili and utilizing the rules and tips provided, you can rapidly boost your Tongits Go skills and enjoyment of this popular card game.

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